Jewelry Lifetime Guarantee

Alté Kamí Jewelry Lifetime Guarantee:

Should your jewelry ever become damaged for any reason, please contact me, and I will repair the item at no cost to you.

If the item is unrepairable, I will offer to refashion the piece, design a similar piece, or exchange for an existing piece of equal (or lesser) value.

Please note that the construction of each piece is quite unique.  Please do not attempt repairs yourself or by an outside party.

Wire woven jewelry is delicate, due to the handcrafted nature and materials used.  Please follow the care/cleaning instructions listed below to ensure its safety.

Caring for Your Jewelry:

The following advice will help you keep your jewelry in pristine condition for generations to come!

Always store in a clean, dry place


Extreme temperature changes

Dropping / throwing onto hard surfaces

Any sudden forced pressure to the design

Direct contact with lotions/sprays/chemicals

Chemical cleaners or polishes

Submersing in water/liquids

Always remove before washing hands, exercising/strenuous activities, swimming, showering, etc.

If submersed, promptly pat dry and use a Q-tip for fine detailing (avoid snagging). 

Cleaning Your Jewelry:

Lightly spot clean (polish) with a Q-tip (avoid snagging).

If deeper cleaning/polishing is required, I recommend mixing 1/2 cup of lemon juice with 1 tsp of olive oil and using a small piece of microfiber cloth (very lightly wetted, not damp, with the solution) to polish.  Avoid contacting stones/gems/crystals with this cleaning solution.

Never use chemical cleaners or polishes.

If you prefer, I can clean your jewelry for the cost of shipping. Please contact me for details: