Alté Kamí

Why do I make art?
    Healing.  I lost my sense of Self after years of school, college and working in a laboratory.  I gave up on creativity and stuffed myself into what I thought everyone else wanted me to be.  Art gives me the freedom to reach inside myself and express my Truth.  These pieces strike emotional barriers that I have hidden from myself for some time.  Through the making of a piece, I release a part of the past, and am able to move forward.
    I don't have plans for my pieces, they tend to have a plan for themselves and my hands just provide the means to complete their plan.  This is really co-creating, as a Divine gift has given these hands the ability to share Beauty with the world.  This is proven to me, as any time I have entered a piece with fear of the construction, the piece falls short and can not be sold.  I have learned that I must have Love and Trust in my Heart to create Beauty.  The end result is beyond words.  Holding each one of them reminds me that the power to change comes from within.

Creative Director:  Ordinary Elegance Limited